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Feed My People


Who We Are

1.     What made you want to start a non-profit, particularly a food bank?  

    Simply put, God said 'Feed My People'.  While the need for nutritious, affordable food is one that never changes, the course of this last year has proven that need to be extremely intensified.  Our mission is to pour out God's abundance in our community to eliminate hunger and hardship.  We believe that no one can envision change for a brighter future when they struggle with hunger.  No parent should be forced to choose between feeding their child or paying the utility bill.   No senior citizen should be forced to skip meals or buy cheap processed foods with their limited income. 

2.     How did you go about starting your non-profit?  

    We began our food pantry by attempting to apply for 501.c.3 non-profit status with the IRS.  Due to the complications involved in our unique situation, we sought out legal assistance with Sivia Law.

3.     How large of a role does the community play in running your non-profit?

    Our pantry is entirely volunteer based; there are no paid salaries for anyone involved with the pantry.  Without the help of our reliable, friendly volunteers, we would not be able to serve our community as we do.

4.     What challenges did you face when creating your non-profit?

    We attempted to assume another local food pantry that had closed during COVID and decided not to reopen.  There were numerous complications that were impossible to overcome, so we sought to establish our own 501.c.3 status.  The process with Sivia Law was very simple.  Our largest challenge was simply the time delay that COVID caused in the processing delays with the IRS. 

5.     What are your goals for the future, say in the next year or two?

    Over the next two years our desire is to maintain a fully stocked pantry of nutritious foods that serves 200 families in our community each month.  We would love to be able to offer our customers the ability to 'shop' for their individual grocery selections.  We would also love to be able to offer various classes to the community on nutrition, cooking, budgeting, etc.

6.     Did you go to school for business? How would others go about starting a non-profit?  

    No.  I have learned by speaking with other experienced business leaders, and non-profit founders.  I have worked closely with other non-profit organizations over the last several years. 

7.     What community activities do you find your non-profit involved in?  

    We have begun to get more involved with other community outreaches to make our services and presence known.  We are also reaching out to the more impoverished areas with food handouts and following up with applications for ongoing assistance.


8.     How do others get involved if they aren’t already?

    Volunteers and donors can reach out to us via our office phone 618-468-0068 or through our Facebook site.  We currently have a private school that serves once a month minimally as a community service.

We want to see that the physical, emotional,

and spiritual needs of our community met.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To pour out God's abundance in our community to eliminate hunger and hardship. Our intention is to see each individual or family receive not only their physical needs , but also love and grace to meet their spiritual and emotional needs.


Our Vision

We believe each individual should be treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.  We understand that only after one's body and soul are nourished, can they begin to envision a future of change.

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